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Facts About Ants

Many people are not friends with ants because they are associated with destruction. It is not always welcome scenery when an anthill sits right in the house but many facts about the insect remain unknown to the world.

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They can outwit human beings in very many ways key among that being ability to survive under very hostile conditions. This article will discuss some of the facts about ants and you will get to learn a few new things about this insect.

They are light in weight but the objects they carry with their bodies can be fifty times more than their actual weight. That is a very interesting fact that not many people will believe easily. This is one of the creatures that use their small body size to maximum benefit.

The fact is that muscles of ants are thicker and that helps them to produce extra force thus allowing them to carry big objects. Soldier ants are responsible for maintaining security in their hills by using their modified heads.

They position themselves right at the entrance to make sure no intruder gets in. The worker ants know how to communicate with the soldier ant upon return by touching the head. That will send a signal that it is one of them and not an intruder.

Many people have been wondering how ants protect themselves under the nest but you now have the idea. It is believed that ants eat up all plants but no, you need to know about this fact.

There are certain species of ants that instead of eating plants, they defend them with the favor of getting shelter and food in return. This is one of the interesting facts about ants that a predator can protect its prey. These plants are called myrmecophytes and have hollows at the central part where ants take refuge.

As they live there, the ants will feed on sugary secretions produced by the plants while at the same time ensuring the herbivores don’t fed on the plants. Are you aware that some species of ants hold others captive and force them to do chores on their behalf?

It will be very interesting for you to know this fact because it’s something happening continually.

Get Rid of Ants

Determine The Reason

The first step is to determine the reason they are drawn to the premises, either indoors or out. For instance, many people who recycle their soda cans or plastic bottles, will leave them uncovered until they return them to the grocery store or place them on the curb for pick up.

Whatever the case, the sugar in these containers attract all kinds of ants, bringing armies to the particular site and thereon.

Clean Food

Next, it is of the utmost importance to keep a clean house with regards to foods. Once meals are completely, quickly clean up crumbs and throw any unwanted leftovers away in sealed bags and covered garbage cans, preferably placed outdoors and away from the home.

Make sure that sugar, cereals and other foods are placed in tightly sealed containers. Often, people place their sugar in hand sugar bowls for easy access, but this practice must be stopped immediately until the problem is completely resolved.

Kitchen cabinets and drawers should also be cleaned thoroughly to remove any crumbs, grains of sugar, and other spills which will undoubtedly draw these insects to the location. Check your home carefully for any cracks that allow for their easy access to enter. These cracks can be repaired by silicon caulking.

As well, use natural products that will deter them completely, such as hot paprika or red hot chili pepper, ground of course along their trails.

Remove Plant

In the garden, they could be damaging beautiful and somewhat costly shrubs, plants, and flowers. If some plants are being damaged, it is recommended if possible, to uproot the plant and place it in another location temporarily. In this case, the anthill is usually close by and should be located and destroyed.

It is important to be ready to act swiftly when this task is to be undertaken. When the anthill is located, it should be dug out with a shovel and boiling water should be poured into its depths to drown all the insects, eggs and especially, the queen.

Make sure that several gallons of boiling water is on hand to complete the task.

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